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Secret Advertiser Exposed

On New Years Eve of 1992, I created a bizarre tobacco advertising campaign while still a minor (17 years old) and under the influence of a large dose of psilocybin field mushrooms, with help from a cocaine addicted illegal Mexican immigrant working as a busboy for my father, which we then sold to an advertiser native to the city where the commercial tobacco industry originated and still holds its power.

This advertising campaign is currently responsible for the smoking habit of nearly five million children in Indonesia who are only four years old. The Indonesian city where the tobacco industry, with help from our local advertiser, is getting away with this, is called Jakarta.

So far as I'm aware, this man set this sneaky advertising campaign in motion in 1997, the same year I was locked in an insane asylum and subsequently placed on close government monitor in effort to make sure I would keep my mouth shut about this so the people making the money from it wouldn't get in trouble.

I myself quit smoking and never made any share of money whatsoever from this campaign (Indonesian tobacco industry value: $$ 100 billion. Cited: ( ), with the exception of a pittance payment for a small amount of copper wire scorpions I shipped to his distribution center from Texas, about four or five hundred of them, paid only $2.50 each while I was also selling them on Etsy for $55, after which I then posted a basic public service announcement blog page in effort to inform the general public about the nature of this campaign.

That blog page is here:

The man addressed at this page is a sick criminal who thinks he is "slick" for coercing hundreds of people to help him kill millions of Indonesian children through tobacco advertising.

He is responsible for the uncounted death sentences of children not only in Jakarta and Indonesia, but in many other places locally and abroad, and he is FULLY AWARE of it and laughing in your face at your inability to stop him.

You have been informed.

I have posted this message to hundreds of youtube antismoking related psas. If every one of you does your part by going out of your way to contact this guy and make his life a living hell, we'll get our point across and he'll stop. He's old and doesn't have tolerance for adversarial media so you'll be halting his options. It also helps if you repost and/or share this message in as many places as possible, as I myself have been doing in my spare time. We want as many people as possible to see who the man responsible for advertising tobacco product to children is. He has his advertisements disguised as art dispensers placed in other countries as well, and welcomes new campaign members and contributors despite his full awareness of their effect which he clearly admitted to me over the phone.

Another good way to get to this guy is to write letters and create new media in reference to him. If you have the time, do it.

Furthermore, if anyone is interested in booking me for professional media coverage, I can be reached at

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Update On WinstonSalemite's Stupid Comeback To Tobacco Vending Ban ( Art-O-Mat® )

Why Art-O-Mat is not only counterproductive but abusive.

1. Art-O-Mat informs and reminds children that they can get away with obtaining and using tobacco product. It does not inform and remind them of anything else whatsoever and I am not wrong about this. Take a close look at what this is. It's a cigarette machine, which advertises the tobacco industry's history and continued success, by cleverly pretending to distribute art!

2. Tobacco companies are now focused on the countries where they can get away with it, and marketing directly to children. If you need citation on this just type Indonesia Smoking Kids into YouTube or view this video specifically: How Indonesian Kids Are Getting Hooked On Cigarettes

3. Convincing hundreds of people to play along with an abusive mind game involving children is disrespectful to say the least, and donating a quarter of your personal profit margin to an elementary school doesn't compensate. If this guy had any integrity he would donate all of it, and abandon the activity immediately.

4. Art is just another vice. If you're having trouble understanding and agreeing with this, remind yourself of the source. Where did you get it? A vending machine? That in itself requires no further inquiry, such as why and wether it's because someone else did it and you heard the cellophane crinkle.

5. Demoting yourself by saying you hope your activity doesn't backfire shows that it both will and should. Someone who says that makes it obvious they're not where they need to be.

6. Throwing gang signs isn't showing that you own your power. It doesn't even show that you're a mature adult. Get out of my art gallery with that garbage. Go to where people do that and do it there

7. Art-O-Mat was not created by it's current manager in response to a Pavlovian reaction to a snack wrapper. It was created by a cigarette addicted minor experiencing Pavlovian calls to actual cigarette wrappers, as a bad joke and sting on capitalism while under the influence of the illegal psychedelic drug psilocybin, with help from a cocaine addicted illegal Mexican immigrant who got the cocaine he was high on when he and the kid shook hands on this idea directly from Klaus Nomi and David Bowie who happened to be in town. The date this occurred was new year's eve of 1992. These two individuals names are Sebastian Matias and Emmanuel Teijeiro, who created both Art-O-Mat and Artists In Cellophane by name, before altering his own name to match that of the owner of Beef Burger Corporation in New Jersey so that the guy who manufactured and distributed meat to every fast food chain you can think of no longer owns the monopoly on his own identity.

8. Clark reported that some children pointed out that there were still cigarettes in his vending machines to a dj on npr. He is in fact aware of the truth of this, but he thinks he's "in on it"

Unwind one of the five hundred copper wire scorpions he paid me to manufacture and ship to him to reveal a length of copper wire that can loop someone's neck and kill them instantly with very little effort, placed in the hands of children, and tell me how that translates. Not only do these machines still vend cigarettes but also contraband, pornography, and occult paraphernalia (voodoo dolls, mojo bags, various charms. (defunct links removed)).

1 in 50 Indonesian children start smoking at age 4. Support our cause by sharing this message with at least one person to spread awareness and force an asap Art-O-Mat shutdown.

 9.  Anyone else notice how Art-O-Mat media is closed to outside input like open comment threads? You can't hide from the internet, chump. And we can all see you on the street.


10. The preceding nine points explain why Clark doesn't actually own Art-O-Mat or anything else for that matter. No one does, and the merchandise is all dross influence draining the energy of anyone possessing it.

It wouldn't matter, following that, if new vendors not containing cigarette merchandising history were constructed for art, because vending and commerce in and of themselves are an equivalent hoax and invalid pursuit. If you want to share art with each other, learn how to actually do that. There is a way. The things in those machines are not art, and the mat is you.

Jeff Wagg ( and Art-O-Mat® artist) says: I don't see the connection, and Art-O-Mat markets to adults, not children. If you want to fight the tobacco industry I suggest you choose a more appropriate target because Art-O-Mat doesn't contain cigarettes.

Everything is connected, like your palm to your dick while you spank it to that photo of the pretty skinny girl in blue jeans standing in front of the cigarette machine pretending to vend art to children that as a result start smoking at age four in Indonesia. Just because you lack the integrity to acknowledge your awareness of this connection doesn't mean someone else won't. Nice try.

Let's look at some pictures now to clear up what smarty at curiosity college here just said about Art-O-Mat not marketing to children and dig a deeper hole for him. Remember now, again, as you're looking at these, that you know all of our names. We are not hiding. This is all in plain view.

Christmastime, kids!

Hmm, what's this about?

Child at The Rare Bit, restaurant vending work by Dino Adkins via Art-O-Mat

Photo of the Winston Salem "royalty" responsible for this:


Das Voyeur (Art-O-Mat contributor and ?????) says: "You are wrong and we are NOT wrong about this."

How imaginative. A lame childish comeback with no frame of reference or further explanation attempting to swat away hard evidence now permanently branded into your face. Sucks to be the loser, doesn't it das voyeur. Everyone can see you and your account has been reported for child endangerment and abuse along with anyone else supporting this.

Let's see what happens as a result of typing search term das voyeur into google image search by the way. Ah, lots of porn, not surprising at all. I suppose you'll want to tell me I'm wrong about this too.

Thanks for the tip, Das Voyeur!


Update: I ordered a new prototype kit in response to a request for a new prototype, and in response was refunded the payment so I can only assume this translates as a change of heart on the matter.

You haven't gotten rid of me though, Clark.

As the creator of Art-O-Mat, I am permanently imbued into everything you do, mocking, taunting, exposing you for the pathetic spineless necropheliac you are, and unless and until you abandon the sick joke that is Art-O-Mat®, you will choke on me until you are dead, and you will always remember this.


  One lady in Facebook said "I almost deleted your post thinking it was propaganda before I realized it was satire." Does this look like propaganda or satire to you? Sure it's obviously a given that the gullibility of people is baffling but for this shithead to take advantage of people and innocent children in this way is disgusting. This guy actually knows what a loser he is, that's not the interesting part, though. It's that no one is stopping him. I'm the only one so far who's called him and his people out. The only one, in all the years he's been at this. And so far no lawyers have showed up to shut down my blog so I've gone ahead and included the registered trademark symbol in the post title to see if they can do it now or are weak enough to even think about trying to challenge this page. Meanwhile I just backed it up to file storage just in case and am now sourcing the images in case all the users decide to take them down in an effort to hide the incriminating evidence.

So far Clark appears to have removed four site gallery entries listed here. Nice try, but I still have those records. Here are the Dino Adkins and William Gentry selections:

Note here that these entries were posted to the main website gallery page but I've seen worse while surfing artist sources meaning what he's not showing you will piss you off even more. Of course his weak counterargument is that adult materials are secured and quarantined only to the appropriate venues but whatever, that's what the cigarette vending hosts said back then too. So the next chump comeback of course is "What I share with my kids is none of your business" but whatever, we're talking about supporting four year old smokers which happens to in fact be everyone's business. Those are children, asshole. You will not continue to get away with what you were doing here now that you've been called on it. Try to dodge the truth now, coward.

Let's hear what other people think.

Why? Because the true message of Art-O-Mat is THIS:

Yeah, they relocated the sources on us but it's cool we can still get a pack of cigarettes if and when we feel like it, glue pornography to it, and blow the smoke right in your face while you watch us masturbate.
Nice try pedoboy but no one is interested in your moldy stump. We know who you are, we know your business, and it's not quite holding up so well anymore, is it. Tough luck. Get your gun and your hit list of our doctors. Whoops! How'd that leak into the media? Looks like you've truly lost all control here, doesn't it. Let's take a look.
Well that's a lot of blood on your hands isn't it, Clark. Oh, I already know you're missing a conscience and are only pretending to listen. I know all about that. That's why you can hear every word I say because I know how to speak in the language that leaves you with no other option.
The show is over now, Clark.
You suck.


Someone appears to have succeeded in blocking embedded videos in my blog, so video media is now hyperlinked.
Nice try.
Hundreds of people have now seen this page. Current count:
More informed Instagrammers:


Why? Because the reality is that I'm actually now on status of "regular" so I don't need to buy a prototype kit to send in a new prototype.

The real error on Clark's part here, however, is his failure to acknowledge who I am (he already knows and recognises exactly who I am), dismissing me entirely by asking me for anything whatsoever when I already "gave" him Art-O-Mat® so I can demonstrate what a chump and a loser he is. And why would he, anyway. Because that would make him an even bigger chump as if such a thing were possible.
Well, originally Art-O-Mat® was intended as a collaborative function, which it is, but the nature of it makes it to where the only way for it to collectively hold together is to let this chump make it his personal monopoly so the rest of us have to criminally profile him for doing so. In an ideal world we could just boycott the business but that doesn't work in reality because Joe public doesn't possess that element of discipline so instead Clark's "job" is to abuse the most vulnerable target market (children) as an advertiser, advertising cigarettes to them, and in effect, selling them to the black market, which makes him a spineless human trafficker and that really is his own fault and responsibility, not mine.
My job, and the job of every other literate person (anyone who isn't too resistant and dumb to see what is written here on account of oppositional defiance disorder) is to expose this clown for exactly who he is and put a stop to what he does (abduct and kill kids).
So you tell me, 
Does the Nutrition Facts label lie?
Of course it does.
But my Nutrition Facts label
is a record label.
So what does that tell you?
It tells you to do something for yourself, and supporting Art-O-Mat® isn't it. That's what it tells you. There is no other answer. Now let's watch the good old boys beat the shit out of that clown some more. That's what you get for asking us for a ride, punk bitch. And that, in the literate world, is what we call a frame of reference.


Now that we've got our perspective on criminal justice posted, this is what you need to know about what caused you to start smoking in the first place.
In this youtube video, a girl is seen attempting to analyze her addiction after having dismissed it with the rhetoric "whatever the reason".  Articulating the reason is very important. If your interested in stopping, this is exactly what you have to address and do or no, it won't happen.

The reason people smoke is to cope with compromise of their personal space. This is always the reason. If you're a smoker, check before you even think about retaliating in defense of whoever it is that's crowding your space because that person is the pusher, the warden, the closest person to you, the rapist, and the person who needs their throat cut either metaphorically or literally.

Ask any high schooler if smokers and victims of child abuse/molestation are the same people, because they're the closest actively observant demographic you're legally permitted to talk to. Go ask.

Now that you're back, you might have also learned that it is difficult for these people to solve the problem simply by leaving because these rapists have outsourced them emotionally, financially, intellectually, and sometimes physically. You might also have learned that although these kids have in fact been informed in their schools that this is illegal, they're also broadly taught that "there's nothing you can do about it".

This is because it's the job of the public education system to support the multibillon dollar human trafficking system it is inseparably connected to. The corporate human slave farm is a real thing and when you place your kids in their schools you're an accessory and equally guilty of their collective crime tally and you have no idea how sick it really is.

I'll show you.

Here's a guy wasting kids and when he's called on it, look what happens:

tejeiro outfitters ltd . blogspot . com

Fb administration has banned me from offsite link posting for sharing information exposing a tobacco advertiser to anti smoking groups.

Remove the spaces in the above url to review that information.

My mobile messenger function also no longer works. Interesting, isn't it?

Update: As a result of attempting to post this information to another anti smoking group, I now no longer have access to facebook.
So apparently facebook itself is in on the coverup. We already know facebook supports racism and now we know about this too. Thanks for the tip, facebook!

Looks like someone's paid facebook off to keep this guy covered too, see.

Until now, facebook administration has never requested identification from me. Does this make my criminal report official? I think it does.
You see, in Indonesia people don't go around filming "social experiments" for YouTube. For them that's a joke and instead they post video clips of their babies smoking and title them "my baby smoking. very funny". If you need citation, just type youtube search term "my baby smoking very funny". The well of resulting posts is bottomless, and of course it doesn't stop at cigarettes. See this:

Did you note the stats on that one? Not one in fifty this time. One in nine.

And this is what facebook is defending by preventing me from informing their antismoking campaignists about Clark. So now we're hanging out in youtube, which actually offers us greater mobility because active youtubers are more intelligent and active than the common slag of facebook lurkers, and communication via comment threads is more precise and focused.

Entertainment Tonight: All you're doing is advertising. People will watch the sexy ladies smoke, and they will masturbate, ignore the rest of the psa, and then buy cigarettes, then share them with their children, then molest them. Then they will say Oh, you're not comfortable with that? Okay, forgive me, let me show you the Art-O-Mat machine. It used to dispense cigarettes to children but a nice good man put a stop to that and turned them into art vendors, so now you can spend your money on a pack of Mona Lisa instead. So then the kid reads about the Art-O-Mat online, and finds out there is porn in it, and gets horny and masturbates, and then needs a cigarette because now they're already craving a cigarette from before and the Art-O-Mat helps them remember this because it's really still a cigarette machine. So they sneak off and get a cigarette because guess what most kids are fully capable of doing that if they want to. And they get some porn too. And they glue it to their cigarette pack and develop a chronic masturbation problem that all the pedophiles in the hood can smell. And the duck goes quack quack, and the hen goes cluck cluck, and the rooster goes "cooockadooodledooooooooo,doodledoooooo,dewdle-doooooo."
Ta-da! Active campaign participation from  none other than Entertainment Tonight. What are you going to do now, delete my my email address? All ten of them? And shut down all the temp email sites only to realize it's useless because now I'm on the phone with Entertainment Tonight? Look at you now Clark, you scared little bitch I'm fucking you in the ass in front of everybody.

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Copper Wire Bullshit


thanks for taking the time to make a comment which I won't be approving as I don't see what right you have to say our pricing is outrageous.

I followed through to your gallery at: and noticed that none of the items on display have a price so have no idea how much you charge.

Have a nice day


I have a right to comment as I please without expecting it to be "approved" lmao. Nice try.
The website I linked to was instagram, which isn't a store, and my question was how much would you price the item shown, not how much do you think I charge.
Usually I sell my work privately at varying prices based on interest which I value more than money and am less likely to sell to someone who fails to recognise art and is liable to mishandle it regardless of how much money they give me.
Copper wire bonsais expressing varying skill levels at varying prices are available all over the web. I'm not saying your outrageous pricing (which I do in fact have a right to say for any reason I please) is wrong, but this judgement is based on the fact that you have the singular most expensive copper wire tree posted on the web and it's by far not even the best one, which isn't to say it isn't nice, but I saw it listed in a couple places for over eight hundred dollars and thought to myself wow, this guy must be high.
Because I can make that tree myself, I did it about six times in November in fact.
So if people are actually buying it at that pricing, you definitely now have competition from me, but I've been looking at that thing online for awhile and no one's bought it. Why is that? I might be the one but not before I understand the nature of the pricing, is your signature even on it somewhere?
Why should I give you eight hundred dollars for something I can do myself? I just spent seventy five dollars on copper wire at the scrap yard, about thirty pounds of it, I can make a fleet of these I'm just genuinely curious about why yours is important. I got old petinaed wire and a hammer too.
But I don't have the skill to figure out how to do this:
Or this:
Or even this:
Are you a celebrity or something, that i should choose your item over ones showing genuine skill and imagination over your relatively mundane form for multiple times the price?
Or are you just a fool on an ego trip and an asshole to whoever dares to question you about it.
The last two cities I lived in might get you fifty bucks out of that thing, but if you took it to old town Chicago or Tinley Park you'd actually make your quote and I'm curious about what you know about that since your product has failed to sell online and is depreciating.
You're under no obligation to discuss your personal matters with strangers of course but being so readily defensive suggests that you're not even capable and you and your tree are going to be laughed clear off the net.
I think there is some confusion here, as far as I am aware I don't have a tree on sale for $800 or anything like that, so would love to see a direct link to the tree you are talking about please.
Regarding the pricing of the trees you shown me, I can't put a price on it because I don't know the price of your materials or even how long they take you to create, then of course you must put a margin on top of your materials and labour costs.
I do have one expensive tree that I made for an exhibition but it's not on sale on line anywhere as far as I know.

Lol.. ok so for some reason then I thought you were this guy:
Is this guy high then, or is that tree actually worth eight hundred dollars? Like, is he buying his copper at hobby lobby or something to make calculations like that?
I buy my copper at the scrap yard at three dollars and a quarter per pound with fifty percent discount on every second trip so you see I can obtain very large quantities of copper wire this way. A dollar and sixty three cents worth of copper and I can already make one of these trees, a pound is a lot of wire see so I'm genuinely puzzled where this guy gets off on this pricing. I made a two foot high tree too, okay, maybe I used two and a half pounds of copper on it but again that's not even five bucks.
Labor? Well, you know how intensive the labor on just a basic copper wire tree is, seperating eighty or whatever strands of wire and twisting them a few times lmao.. man.. If it took me a whole day to do that, which it didn't, it still ain't worth a grand that's over twice my rent where I am, a city that isn't Paris. And hammering the ends of super thin wire flat well, that's just silly if that's what he's going on I helped a Smithsonian folk artist pound piles of forks perfectly flat for a couple hours and I think he gave me ten bucks.
I don't know man, trees bear deep resonance with me, they're a direct connection to childhood memory and there's no way to put a price on that at all. I have to eat of course, so the last one I sold, for actual money, was for fifty bucks to a kik user in Florida who wanted it for his mom and thought I was my cousin, because I was pretending to be her while selling it to him then she made friends with him and never told him I'm the one who made the tree. Others were traded for access to laundry facilitates and materials and such. Around here where I am now I've been trading works to restaurant owners for store credit.
When I asked my roommate how he'd price that one he said a hundred and twenty bucks but had no ability to explain why. I originally priced it at 85 and still thought I was high for doing that but like I said all that tie work on top took a long time.

Ok glad that's sorted out then.
I can see where this chap gets his influence from, an artists named Sal Villano
I too initially learnt from him as I bought his downloadable tutorial which was a good start then I branched out to my own style, working mainly with bare iron wire now so when the tree goes outside it rusts or as I prefer to say "coloured by nature".
Going back to Bonsai Boy, looks like he is based in New York and if New York is anything like London here in the UK you can add a premium to anything because of the prestige of your location.
you mentioned something about making leaves have a look at this on youtube, it should help you:
I guess in the end he is getting what his market will bear to pay


These links are helpful, thankyou.

Bonsai trees are something I've taken an interest in in an effort to obtain a fix on what exactly they are.

They're something created by and defended by the vain and selfish who find a need to posses and control something that otherwise already belongs to them: trees. Right?


No further response.

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Haiku is a form of poetry accredited to the Japanese. It has only three rules.

1. No narrative.
2. Kigo (nature reference)
3. Syllable count. (5-7-5)
These rules are clear and traditional. If they are broken, what you have written is not haiku.
If someone starts their example with the line "on a scorching day", the reason this is wrong is because it's an incomplete thought which turns the following lines into explanatory narrative.
If someone ends their example with the line "dangling from a horn", this turns the preceding lines into precursory narrative. When I pointed out to a self claimed teacher that each line has to be a complete thought, he responded by saying "I've never heard that criteria before", after clearly stating that haiku does not contain narrative. So apparently this person did not understand the definition of narrative.
The "cutting point", change, or "surprise element" is an extension of the first rule because if this element is not present, the poem's stagnation evokes narrative.
What this means is that

copper wire sculptures
resembling ripened chilis
sit on the table

is stagnant and not a haiku, whereas the following is:

she wakes in the marsh
a frog jumps in the water
SPLASH! right on her boobs

if the poem ends with Splash! What was that sound? It's not haiku because it ends with question rather than a complete thought.
Here is a variation that is acceptable even though someone might overlook it's presence of change and erroneously consider it stagnant:

she wakes in the marsh
relaxing in the rowboat
listening to frogs
The kigo is also an extension of the first rule because it requires the poem to be comprehensive to it's reader. If the poem is foreign to it's reader, it's not haiku. So the nature reference also means that the subject matter must refer to the writer's personal experience in daily life. What this means is you can't just dream up a haiku, you have to have actually experienced it.
Another mistake I encountered is when someone claiming authority to talk about haiku said it's more about aesthetic than form. It's not. Haiku expresses an equal balance of both and if it doesn't, it's not haiku. The syllable count expresses the form, and the subject matter expresses the aesthetic. Haiku is the harmony between the two. If someone tells you one element is more important than the other in haiku, they're wrong and talking about another poetry form that is not haiku.
A common element I have encountered in attempted haiku instruction is introducing it with the statement that haiku is a difficult art form to master, which is wrong. To say that haiku is difficult to master is an attempt to implement narrative to haiku. That person doesn't understand the definition of narrative and therefore isn't competent or capable of even writing let alone imparting haiku to a student.
Absence of narrative is what gives haiku it's perfect harmony with nature. This is why haiku isn't an entry in a poetry contest. This is why haiku is not protected by copyright license. If you have a copyright licensed book that tells you it contains haiku, it's wrong. Whatever's in that book isn't haiku. This is why haiku is not a topic of debate. You can't argue about haiku. You can't use haiku to outsmart someone. Because those things are manifestations of narrative, which is unrelated, by definition, to haiku. There is no "modern haiku". There is no haiku "genre". There is no "published haiku", unless the content is public domain and rights are reversed instead of reserved. This is why you find these publications allegedly on the topic of haiku that tell you that eastern and western rules regarding haiku are different and the eastern rules are clear and "won't be discussed here". Really? Why not? Because haiku is something an aggressive person can't possess and control and this challenges their common comfort so in lame defense they publish defiant prattle and call it haiku. But it's not. Haiku is meritous, not difficult. If you're incapable of comprehending merit, you can't write haiku. Put this pamphlet down and forget it or embarrass yourself. It's your decision.
Absence of narrative is what makes haiku simple. Haiku is never complicated. If there is any element of complication to your poem, it isn't haiku. Also haiku doesn't contain self referencing content, because this creates narrative. This is why derogatory language or any word having negative connotation is not used in haiku.
Although each line must form a complete thought in itself, it must also enrich the understanding of the other two lines or else it creates narrative. So you can't write haiku that doesn't make sense. If the last line of your poem is refrigerator, it's not haiku.
Finally, haiku does not have an author or a title. This is because these things implement narrative, which disqualify the work as haiku. If an author tries to use the rhetoric that the rules are made to be broken, remember that although you are free to ignore the rules of haiku, what you write is not haiku if you do so.
If you're one of the rare few that is selfless and literate enough to understand what is written here, being unencumbered by the mental illness known as oppositional defiance disorder that stops the kind of person who attempts to own haiku with a copyright license from learning, you've earned your copy of the only accurate instructional text on haiku in plain English that exists.

Here's what you can do now:

1. Look for haiku and collect it in a "haiku bank"
2. Write your own haiku and share it with someone. You are not allowed to keep your own haiku. If you do, it's not haiku.
3. Print this text into a pamphlet and distribute it freely to those interested in haiku. If you do this, you have to write it yourself from scratch. You're not allowed to copy/paste it. Also, the correct method of distribution is leaving it where someone will find it, such as a cafe bookshelf. Leaving it in an inappropriate random place, such as a park bench where it is liable to be picked up and discarded to get it out of the way for sitting, is not allowed.

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This is my record label. At the moment my record is a shambhala mandala and will remain as such indefinitely. I'm taking a nap now.