Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prospect Plaza Apartments Management Fail Update

Re: "owner response"

Nice try but you're wrong on all possible fronts.

First off, you're not the ownership. You're a sorry street thug using city resources to assault innocent Trinidad residents.

Authority to determine the nature of my experience belongs exclusively to me and the opportunity to call you out is very good, not bad.

Responsibility to resolve the issue has clearly not been taken on your end as that would entail an offer of either a full refund or occupancy extension where what occurred instead was assault and eviction.

Using my roommate's name to advertise how many units you have distracts fools and profiles no one here but you and you're not going to win a libel argument against a literate citizen who knows how to competently exercise free speech and free press. This is a property management competency complaint not a perfection contest. Your fraudulent apology fails to hold bearing. You lose. Everyone can see very clearly what is written here. I have not personally met any of these alleged "satisfied tenants", for the record. One of the tenants in my former building sported a front door mat reading "NOT welcome", in fact. Go ahead and dig your credibility hole even deeper with another stupid self directed insult I honestly don't give a shit just to give you a heads up on this since you obviously haven't noticed because my review post IS, in fact, here on behalf of the public, and not you.

You're now relieved of your position which at this point you've clearly abused to the extent that the laundromat staff who's company has a similar name have asked me to post to the 81082 Facebook feed so that all the other people in this city you've slighted can be heard too.

Original post:

I moved into this place in July. Janet was cooperative in allowing myself and a roommate to occupy a 2bdrm unit that previously had been abandoned by former residents for two months, which I'm supposed to keep to myself, but the management turned out to be less than competent.

The apartment was infested with bedbugs, so we informed her and she proceeded to fumigate.. five times in a row with no success. My roommate who was older went batshit, demanding a full refund and disappearing on the next bus to Pueblo after receiving it. I remained patient and did some further volunteer work vacuuming the halls of the last building after helping my roommate tear out the carpet and dispose of the former residents abandoned aquarium and other garbage. She said I could do the vacuuming a couple times in a month in exchange for a studio unit since I could no longer afford the 2bdrm by myself but then the story changed to since I didn't vacuum the other two buildings that exact day before four o clock I was not only no longer eligible for the apartment discount, but there was now no longer any efficiency or one bedroom units available at all and I had to be out at the beginning of the month, with no refund of rent or deposit at all, because I'd "slandered her management" all over town.

The problem with that is talking to personal friends at the dispensary where I went to purchase cbd to relieve what would otherwise be unbearable itching from bug bite welts all over my entire body every morning is something I am, in fact, entitled to do without repercussion. Communication and slander are not the same thing. If Janet can't dismiss a few frantic phone calls to her office in the morning because of what was overheard in the city with professionalism instead of banging on my door at 11:30 pm and dumping on me over it, that constitutes harassment, NOT competent management. Yes, I utilize the dispensaries for various reasons, that's why they're there.

I'm not a law shark and didn't bother to bring her to court, but this review IS beneficial to the functionality of Trinidad. Using threats to motivate people to post positive reviews here isn't how to run an apartment complex and throwing a resident back out into the purgatory river with the bears and the rain with no regard to the legal ninety day occupancy I'm supposed to be granted according to information given to me by the city isn't exactly the  kind of behavior to overlook in context to a public review, so a copy of this note is also being turned in to the letter to the editor's section of the newspaper.

Notice how this manager stalks the review board threatening all negative reviews with harassment charges and presenting herself as the owner. Pathetic.

"Owner response":



The letter to the editor of the Trinidad Chronicle was published on Thursday August 24th. The former roommate, now apparently disgruntled over my Google review has returned to Trinidad "looking for me because of what I wrote", according to information I just received from friends on the street. I told them if they see him again before I do to inform him he needs to leave town. Last thing I need is a psychotic stalker wandering into hotheaded street acquaintances and/or campmates. This fuckup even brought his wife with him on his little stalkapade and sent her into the laundromat to leave a note indicating she's "looking for house keeping work". If you're still reading my review old man, notice how your name is still nowhere in it, but the police do in fact now have it. You're now officially a pathetic coward twice over and most certainly owed no further attention whatsoever from me. Take it up with the city or bash your head into the river rocks and get it over with already. No one around here gives a fuck about your candy bitch ass. I am NOT Jesus. I used the bible you left behind for kindle and gave the rest of your abandoned property to my friends. Eat shit and puke then eat your shit puke and shit it out, eat it again, and die. Lmao. Are you still eating this you sorry retarded womanizing faggot slob clown?


I got over it.

You're probably in some pretty sad shape at this point, tho.

Too bad.



But seriously I really do hope you're literally bashing your own face in with a rock and pissing and bleeding and defecating all over yourself because that really is what you're literally doing, fucktard. I called you here for this because it's what you deserve. Read it and weep along with your little homosexual bully you sent to "look for me" on the street and relay your lame physical threats. So your butt hurts because I'm free to speak. Tough tits. Everyone knows exactly where I am, babycakes. Right here in your heart for all eternity. The kind of coward that buddies up with a crooked landlord to steal from innocent people and thinks they have the power to oppress them and expect them not to call them out in public is the kind that gets to sit here right where they belong and face reality. Everyone knows exactly what kind of chump you are now genius. Keep telling your story on the street for all to hear. Maybe someone will feel sympathy and give you a kiss. Lmfao. Goodnight honeypie.

That guy is mad because he took a bribe to post a five star and now everyone knows he's just a child molestor.

That's right, chump. Everyone out here knows the true nature of the kind of man that stalks another man over a Google review and if ANY of us see you within eyeshot of our kids you're getting EXACTLY what's coming to you. Guaranteed. Make a note of it unclefucker. You are NOT on our guest list so if what I say here isn't sitting well with you your options are 1. check yourself, and 2. fuck yourself. I'm not your babysitter. If you approach me on the street be prepared to have your skull slammed into the concrete and your brain fed to the raccoons which I will do with my own hands and not through a medium like your coward child molesting wife beating racist bitch ass. I don't care how sick you are. I have no sympathy for a skank like you and I WILL waste you without a flinch and without an explanation. This blog is posted PUBLICLY to google reviews as a direct response to your threats and anyone I know and don't know does also have MY permission to treat you accordingly in the event that you approach them with threats. You have officially been fully informed. Do NOT come looking to apologize to me either, because if you do THAT, I'll make sure you remain alive and severely crippled so you have something to be sorry about. I have NEVER in my life harbored sympathy for my stalkers most of which are now dead so go ahead and make YOUR day and that will be YOUR decision. I'll leave this town when I'm ready not when you think you have the authority to assault me on the street with stalking and threats so you can impress your skank at prospect faggot, got it? Good. We're done here.


To be honest I still don't really believe someone would come back to Trinidad after hightailing it out of here covered in oozing bug bite sores to look for trouble with me, of all people, because I exposed him and the crooked property manager who he took a bribe from on Google reviews. LMAO. Apparently he's a complete retard who thinks he's the Mexican mafia. I have Mexican family too, loser. You see me posting coded threats at the laundromat in your town? Enjoy your karma retard. Seriously, you got big surprises coming. Probably in the form of one of the four huge bears occupying the camp you're trying to stake me out at. Seriously, think about that dumbfuck. You left Texas to put yourself back in the Colorado karma test zone of bear territory? Don't forget the cougars and mountain lions that will ninja up and tear your throat right out before you even know it happened chump, they hear me talking too, let's see who's argument THEY side with. You're an astoundingly stupid individual and I hope you never get that so my continued fearlessness in calling your sorry retarded punk faggot ass out attracts accelerated brooding negative energy that continues to terminally constrict you, you know, let's get this over with because I don't need more good people being hurt by you. I mean honestly I'm so glad you called me honey it's ALWAYS soothing to the soul to be given the opportunity to have a target for the direction of  vibrational acid and I'm BY FAR not the only one on you, hear me? Lmao. Good, because this is ALL you can hear from now on until you scratch your ears clean out of your head and realize I'm still talking in it regardless. That was you at McDonald's flailing your arms at me from across the street like a retard and honking some incomprehensible faggot come-on, right? Lmao. Keep dreaming loser this niggerdick is for the ladies and we're done talking about it.




Re: "owner response", Google review short version:

Nice try, but you're wrong on all fronts. My roomate left frustrated, posting his review in exchange for a bribe to get his money back, medical costs and laundry non-inclusive of course which means you thugged him into teaming up with you to assault me out of MY five hundred, see. Now he's back in Trinidad looking for me on the street pissed off about his exposure here, but guess who's the one who posted his name, Jan. Whoops! Not that I have any sympathy for that retard either after seeing how he treats women but go ahead if you have anything else to say here on your behalf.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Taured Debunked

Pt.1: Taured is Catala
To understand where Taured is, you have to know where Catalan is. Catalan is a place founded by gypsies that exists outside the boundary of recorded history. If you look for Catalan, you won’t find it. It’s only an odd coincidence that it’s liable to actually be in Catalonia if you do, but Catalan geography is irrelevant here. Although it is true that Catalan is a language, in the process of learning it you find out that Catalonia is not actually a real place, while Catalan, on the other hand, is. But then you find out it is called Catala, the end of the word removed (not omitted) in tradition with Portuguese and other romance languages such as French, as France coincidentally borders Catalonia. But Catala could be anywhere. If two Catalas are in one place, that place is Catala.

The ”Catalan zone” is a peripheral limbo populated by gypsies that aren’t consciously aware of who or where they actually are. They’re technically not in Catalan, obviously because it doesn’t exist but are observable from within it. If you were born in Madeira Portugal for example, but had to flee a political conflict, it means Madeira, at least at that point, did not actually belong to Portugal and so instead of being Portuguese you find out you’re an unwelcome foreigner in Africa, which makes you a refugee and a gypsy, which are the people that comprise the entire population of Catala. I didn’t tell you this though, of course. It’s something you overheard. Because Catalonia is a region of Spain at the furthest eastern tip, but the Catala have declared complete independence from Spain along with Catalonia itself, and they don’t speak Castillian. Since Barcelona happens to be in Catalonia, there is communicability on behalf of trade and tourism but the boundary between Spain and Catala in real life is very clear. This doesn’t mean that a gypsy cannot for example have Portuguese friends and identify with Portugal while in truth they are not Portuguese because since the conflict ended their family still lives in Africa while they themselves live in the u.s. and speak English. Then let’s say this person is an old friend and I catch up with her after having been told on the phone that she was never married, she introduces me to her husband in person. This practice is traditional to gypsies accustomed to protecting their assets by denying their existence outside need to know basis. In the same way, knowledge of the very existence of languages themselves are hidden, developed, and protected from external influence by gypsies while on the other hand any language can deteriorate to failed merit. For example if a person starts talking to you like they expect you to go along with a trick or lie and calling them on it earns protest rather than resolution, you realize that person is fried and the language they’re using is at that point in a state of deterioration and probably has been that way for longer than you can correct. The difference between illiteracy and developed language is clear to any literate or illiterate observer but the literate possess the ability and initiative to act. The illiterate observer might be capable of development if you know how to correctly block their reflexive errors instead of feeding them and maybe accidentally wandering into Taured.

The Catalas are known for their ability to establish functional locality and language of their own autonomous volition and there is a parallel that allegedly is accessible from an unknown location in Andora, which is inside of the known country of Cataluna, which geographically sits between France and Spain, and is technically a part of Spain so far as Spain is concerned, but the Catalas will not agree with that and the Spanish are afraid of them and leave them alone because of the upper hand they possess in regard to their knowledge of and interactivity with parallels. Taured is not to be confused with Tuareg, but there is a remote connection because the Tuareg are nomadic and observable from within the Catalan zone, and their dimensional consciousness is open because they themselves are in the process of trying to establish a named territory. Also, in Portuguese, take note that the letter d is pronounced g.

There have been numerous accounts recorded regarding incidents of gypsies/ drifters/ Catala/ Roma/ Tuareg, and of course, pirates, wandering into or by some means encountering established parallels, and even permanently disappearing in to them. Information or discussion of any kind in context to this is banned from our collective local media however, because that kind of movement is simply not permitted here but the Tuared mystery was a temporarily permitted anomaly because the guy needed a medication that formerly didn’t exist in Taured. You see in Spain it is a common occurrence of people that have no knowledge of things going on outside their remote isolated zone, and a guy from the town of Taured can easily have obtained a passport and driver’s license from another Taured under the impression, real or humoured, that the town was its’ own country, because it had been there for a thousand years.

Because of how mystical Eastern Spanish psychology is oriented, it would have been very easy for a small country called Taured to exist inside the country of Andora inside the country of Catalonia inside the country of Spain, taking into context that only two Taureds needed to be mutually confident in the sentiment that Taured was deserving of a passport and driver’s license, There’s really not anything weird about this in 1956, but Spain is similar to other places in Europe like Romania in that disincarnates are free to treat the morally infirm or common unknowing lamen in whatever way they please, which easily explains otherwise nonsensical parts of the Taured account suggestive of impaired perception on the part of security personnel. The obvious key here is the man’s claim of having never heard of nitroglycerin. What this means is that for whatever reason, it was an apparently necessary procedure to fashion a local passport and driver’s license which for some reason would not have been granted or obtainable by Andora, Catalonia, or Spain, in order to obtain medicine he never heard of, before recently.

What the Taured incident accounts posted in YouTube omit is detail regarding what exactly was going on in Spain during the time it occurred. A Taured in 1956 would have clearly understandable motive for passport fabrication and Japanese currency usage as a means of sneaking through Fransisco Franco’s resistance to obtain a desired medication, then return safely home after blacking out lamen rookie security personnel, an area which Spanish Intelligence has known skill in. So following that, it became very beneficial to account for how many people are oblivious enough to now believe that what happened here is proof of the existence of another dimension containing a country called Taured because the collective consciousness of this thought tank would potentially summon it into actual being. Now that Spain is governed under democracy instead of monarchy, this is possible providing enough people are collectively interested in officializing it, you see.
The town is actually called Taull, and is in the province of Lereida. Tahull, Lereida: Taureida = Taured. Give or take another hundred years this place will be one thousand years old.

Since the year this incident occurred was 1956, this means the dude did in fact have the issue of getting back and forth through Franco’s resistance, and having a heart attack on being informed of having to wait for a supervisor was a common reflexive response back then considering the circumstantial severity of Franco’s infamy for killing people who made any mistake translatable as treason, at which point the supervisor commonly translated as executor for the Spanish. But Spanish and Japanese business relations had at this point been ongoing since 1952, so a frequency of Japanese visits would be a believable enough passport detail to produce. And because this businessman was unwavering in his seriousness, the staff dismissed their initial suspicion that it was a joke and decided perhaps this was a new country until he asserted that it existed for a thousand years, which of course was a blackout cue in his hypnosis script.

The detail regarding his criminal check producing no association with any known criminal indicates that Franco’s criminal infamy was either not familiar to Japan or obscured by the fabricated country of origin, the latter of course being the most sensible and workable in either case.

So the question here is Why does a guy with this kind of skill not use it to just leave Spain? The answer is simple. The guy had no reason to leave Spain other than to obtain medicine, but sharing personal medical information with anyone outside your borders was an illegal act of treason so this is how he had to do it.

My father was born in the same town as Franco, El Ferrol. He told me, when I was a child, about this dude that pulled this stunt to obtain medicine in Tokyo which would have been dismissed from collective memory had it not been for the hotel soap which created the mental reference point needed for it to become enigma. He said that the story did not surface in the media until after Franco was dead, but had he caught wind of it, the nitro would have ended up in the possession of Franco’s soldiers while the guy, he’d just be dead. Unless, maybe, his name, like the passport, was also fabricated, which is specifically why this was common practice for Spanish travelers, especially the Catala.

So note here now the correlation between Taured, “tao raid”, and tirade. The literate person reads what’s written here and sees these propaganda videos for the coercive insult they are.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Haiku is a form of poetry accredited to the Japanese. It has only three rules.

1. No narrative.
2. Kigo (nature reference)
3. Syllable count. (5-7-5)
These rules are clear and traditional. If they are broken, what you have written is not haiku.
If someone starts their example with the line "on a scorching day", the reason this is wrong is because it's an incomplete thought which turns the following lines into explanatory narrative.
If someone ends their example with the line "dangling from a horn", this turns the preceding lines into precursory narrative. When I pointed out to a self claimed teacher that each line has to be a complete thought, he responded by saying "I've never heard that criteria before", after clearly stating that haiku does not contain narrative. So apparently this person did not understand the definition of narrative.
The "cutting point", change, or "surprise element" is an extension of the first rule because if this element is not present, the poem's stagnation evokes narrative.
What this means is that

copper wire sculptures
resembling ripened chilis
sit on the table

is stagnant and not a haiku, whereas the following is:

she wakes in the marsh
a frog jumps in the water
SPLASH! right on her boobs

if the poem ends with Splash! What was that sound? It's not haiku because it ends with question rather than a complete thought.
Here is a variation that is acceptable even though someone might overlook it's presence of change and erroneously consider it stagnant:

she wakes in the marsh
relaxing in the rowboat
listening to frogs
The kigo is also an extension of the first rule because it requires the poem to be comprehensive to it's reader. If the poem is foreign to it's reader, it's not haiku. So the nature reference also means that the subject matter must refer to the writer's personal experience in daily life. What this means is you can't just dream up a haiku, you have to have actually experienced it.
Another mistake I encountered is when someone claiming authority to talk about haiku said it's more about aesthetic than form. It's not. Haiku expresses an equal balance of both and if it doesn't, it's not haiku. The syllable count expresses the form, and the subject matter expresses the aesthetic. Haiku is the harmony between the two. If someone tells you one element is more important than the other in haiku, they're wrong and talking about another poetry form that is not haiku.
A common element I have encountered in attempted haiku instruction is introducing it with the statement that haiku is a difficult art form to master, which is wrong. To say that haiku is difficult to master is an attempt to implement narrative to haiku. That person doesn't understand the definition of narrative and therefore isn't competent or capable of even writing let alone imparting haiku to a student.
Absence of narrative is what gives haiku it's perfect harmony with nature. This is why haiku isn't an entry in a poetry contest. This is why haiku is not protected by copyright license. If you have a copyright licensed book that tells you it contains haiku, it's wrong. Whatever's in that book isn't haiku. This is why haiku is not a topic of debate. You can't argue about haiku. You can't use haiku to outsmart someone. Because those things are manifestations of narrative, which is unrelated, by definition, to haiku. There is no "modern haiku". There is no haiku "genre". There is no "published haiku", unless the content is public domain and rights are reversed instead of reserved. This is why you find these publications allegedly on the topic of haiku that tell you that eastern and western rules regarding haiku are different and the eastern rules are clear and "won't be discussed here". Really? Why not? Because haiku is something an aggressive person can't possess and control and this challenges their common comfort so in lame defense they publish defiant prattle and call it haiku. But it's not. Haiku is meritous, not difficult. If you're incapable of comprehending merit, you can't write haiku. Put this pamphlet down and forget it or embarrass yourself. It's your decision.
Absence of narrative is what makes haiku simple. Haiku is never complicated. If there is any element of complication to your poem, it isn't haiku. Also haiku doesn't contain self referencing content, because this creates narrative. This is why derogatory language or any word having negative connotation is not used in haiku.
Although each line must form a complete thought in itself, it must also enrich the understanding of the other two lines or else it creates narrative. So you can't write haiku that doesn't make sense. If the last line of your poem is refrigerator, it's not haiku.
Finally, haiku does not have an author or a title. This is because these things implement narrative, which disqualify the work as haiku. If an author tries to use the rhetoric that the rules are made to be broken, remember that although you are free to ignore the rules of haiku, what you write is not haiku if you do so.
If you're one of the rare few that is selfless and literate enough to understand what is written here, being unencumbered by the mental illness known as oppositional defiance disorder that stops the kind of person who attempts to own haiku with a copyright license from learning, you've earned your copy of the only accurate instructional text on haiku in plain English that exists.

Here's what you can do now:

1. Look for haiku and collect it in a "haiku bank"
2. Write your own haiku and share it with someone. You are not allowed to keep your own haiku. If you do, it's not haiku.
3. Print this text into a pamphlet and distribute it freely to those interested in haiku. If you do this, you have to write it yourself from scratch. You're not allowed to copy/paste it. Also, the correct method of distribution is leaving it where someone will find it, such as a cafe bookshelf. Leaving it in an inappropriate random place, such as a park bench where it is liable to be picked up and discarded to get it out of the way for sitting, is not allowed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This is my record label. At the moment my record is a shambhala mandala and will remain as such indefinitely. I'm taking a nap now.